VAT Advisory Specialists for SMEs

VATiQ offers the specialist skills of seasoned VAT lawyers and CA’s with more than 20 years’ experience in dealing with complex VAT (and customs duty) issues, both from a legal interpretational, data analytic and reconciliation perspective.

Peace Of Mind In All Areas

The line-by-line VATiQ data analytic review provides assurance in respect of VAT accounted for over a five-year historic period. We identify instances where VAT had potentially been accounted for incorrectly on a per supplier, per transaction basis by flagging discrepancies between the actual and expected VAT treatment. Exceptions identified are subjected to a rigorous review process to identify actual refund potential or tax liability. We then facilitate the actual VAT refund and only bill on real value obtained by the vendor. No saving, no fee, unless a consulting charge is agreed beforehand.

VAT Advisory and Beyond

  • We question the VAT norm and obtain Senior Counsel Opinion and Binding Private SARS Rulings to validate our suggested solutions, often resulting in substantial refund.
  • We provide VAT review results in the form of tax practitioner opinions and general informal VAT advice at no additional cost. We assist in voluntary disclosure to SARS and general VAT dispute resolution.
  • Our VAT Analytics Toolbox*, automates the VAT return completion and generates real time exception reports, allowing visibility of the VAT process to management.

*In partnership with Binary Arm Pty Ltd

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