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Alex Harris

Expertise: Retail & Business Growth Strategy

Alex is currently working across the apparel supply chain using his extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the textile industry to help identify growth opportunities for SMEs and connect them with collaborating partners and new markets 

With 30 years of experience in fashion retailing with Woolworths and Foschini as head of merchandise, a love for fashion, extensive business travel to China, India, Mauritius, the UK and the USA and the desire to develop new incumbents in the industry led him to join the CTFC (Cape Town Fashion Council) and later became the chairman. He understands what is required in starting a new brand by heading up the team who developed the FIX for the TFG brand and launched a new tween stand-alone business, SODA Bloc and opened 20 stores in a period of 15 months.

His strong background in Retail Merchandise Planning allows him to do extensive work with many small to medium Retailers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers across South Africa and assist them in managing their businesses more efficiently with Forecasting of Turnover and more effective Stock Management using a Best Practice infrastructure of models, processes and guidance. He analyses Sales & Stock trends and uses this to accurately forecast the future of your business. Results are guaranteed for improved cash flow & profits.

He has worked with African Fashion International, Kool Africa, Masquerade, KISUA, Foschini and @home, GLG, Retail Capital and CTFC and has used his wide network very effectively in connecting parties to further their mutual growth opportunities.

Songo Didiza

Expertise: Green Economy & Sustainability

Songo is an entrepreneur who founded the Green Building Design Group (GreenBDG). She is a trusted advisor and global speaker in the green economy. She has extensive experience in implementing sustainability strategies for businesses and government sectors in South Africa.

Her client portfolio includes the energy, construction, financial services, manufacturing, government, property, oil & gas sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

She has been voted Sub-Saharan Africa’s Energy Innovator of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) in 2019. The award ceremony took place in Washington, DC in September.

She currently serves as a Research Committee member of the Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC) and is a part-time university lecturer at the University of Cape Town. 

Jannie Rossouw

Expertise: Business & Personal Consulting for SMEs

Jannie Rossouw is the founder and owner of Bright Future Consulting.

The three decades he spent as a financial services professional, with a focus on the financial planning needs and requirements of SME owners, along with a B.Comm and MBA (University of Stellenbosch) prepared him to be an executive business advisor, as well as a business and personal coach.

He has a pragmatic approach to business, understanding that structure follows strategy and that an average plan well implemented will mostly trump an audacious plan poorly implemented.

He is a Specialist Generalist who operates at board level but also has the ability to give structure to strategy and journey with people to ensure implementation.

Please book a consultation with Jannie should you wish to enquire about packages and pricing.

Kyle Combrinck

Expertise: Brand Building & Management

Kyle Michael Combrinck is a branding consultant based in the Mother City, Cape Town, South Africa. He has spent the last five years working as a consultant, working inside or alongside agencies, and working as a brand manager, and runs his own brand-building and management service, Kymico.

Kymico aims to give your business a unique identity and take it to the market successfully. From research to execution, Kymico uses a model called 'RISE' to manage your business's marketing function.

In the Research phase, a situational analysis is conducted to reveal insights and create objectives. In the Identity phase, your vision, mission, purpose and more are defined in the creation of an effective strategic brand identity system for long-term growth. In the Strategy phase, a comprehensive plan of action is developed using different mediums and channels. In the Execution phase, the production process is facilitated, utilising vetted freelancers and agencies to execute your strategy through a single point of contact.

Please book a consultation with Kyle should you wish to enquire about packages and pricing.

Marius Joubert

Expertise: Restaurant & Hospitality Management

During the course of his 30-year career, Marius has experience in various managed and owned restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and clubs. He has a grounded knowledge of the trials and tribulations and the highs and the lows of the industry as demonstrated by his career path from waiter to manager, and finally to strategist. Marius' passion for the people of the hospitality sector inspired him to found a collaborative incubator, a complete hub for the Hospitality Industry, with the aim to assist in:

● Recovery of the Hospitality Industry.

● Adding value and reducing costs for operators

● People Profitability, and the well-being of employees

● Creating a sense of community, and a platform for open communication

● Improving availability and increasing positivity

● Instilling a sense of pride, restoring self-respect and inducing staff retention

● Implementing profitable principles that are mutually cost-efficient

Thus, the Restaurant Hub was born, with the purpose of laying a foundation to build a comprehensive community platform for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry for all parties, including Owners, Management, Personnel, Producers, Suppliers, Financiers, Insurers and all PEOPLE linked to the industry. The goal is to unite the industry, no matter what the rank in the hierarchy, to connect and to be able to interact to the advantage of each other and to stimulate the recovery, growth, and development of the Hospitality Industry.

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