Colin Hall started in Retail from a table on the pavement selling orange juice when he was six years old. It ended 60 years later when he retired as Chairman of Woolworths.

But he did all sorts of different things in between, and in the process learnt a great deal about many things. But his most profound learning was that when his energy was positive and high, he could almost fly...but when it was low, or worse still negative, his effectiveness slumped!

He uses the simple metaphor of a car battery. When it is fully charged the car can take you anywhere you like, but if you go down to your garage and the battery is flat, you can’t go are stuck.

He was inspired by the wisdom of Oscar Wilde, who said , “To live is the rarest thing in the world...most people just exist, that’s all.”

So he and his son Steve, started sharing the crucial wisdom of Human Energy to as many people as were interested enough to stop and listen ...tens of thousands have!

Suddenly we are confronted by Covid-19 and all the challenges it poses to Retail and Retailers, and all those who work in Retail; those who have invested in Retail Real Estate, those who are suppliers or offer services, and most of their batteries have gone flat! Flatter than perhaps they have ever been.

There is no easy way out of a dark garage on a winter’s morning if your battery is lifeless!

So Colin will share what he has learnt, but surely more valuable will be the gifts he and Steve have decided to give away as their “ food hamper “ to anyone who needs tools that will enable them to design and start using, their own unique battery charger. Valuable gifts indeed !

And then share their learning and the tools that were given to them, to help others who may be stuck too. Help them to find their spark! Help them to start living again...and not just existing, despite COVID-19.

The Personal Energy Journey

Become aware of the crucial role that energy plays in all our endeavours, how the energy of others affects our own. Learn how to master you energy levels and output in this expertly developed 7-stage curriculum.

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When your Energy is high your brain thinks better, when your Energy slumps, your brain stops thinking, and becomes reactive and emotional. 

We use a simple metaphor for high and low Energy - a motor car battery. When the battery is fully charged you can drive over mountain passes, but when it’s flat, you can’t drive out of your garage.


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