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Free social media set-ups, monthly social media management and specialist training sessions.

GoSocial is your one-stop social media partner. We offer platform setups free of charge, which means there is no excuse to neglect your digital footprint. You can then choose to sign up for a monthly marketing package or training session to make the most of this powerful marketing tool.

Do it yourself or get help!

GoSocial aims to assist small business to get the most out of their social media marketing. Have the capacity to run your marketing in-house? No worries, sign up for our Social Training session to get the guidance you need to market like an expert. Want to take the hassle out of your marketing? Allow us to manage your social media profiles on a monthly basis which includes everything from graphic design to boosting posts and everything in between.

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GoSocial in partnership with Social Media Now is able to offer social media marketing packages tailored to the needs of SMEs. Social Media Now is a Cape Town based digital agency specialising in social media lead generation and brand building.


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