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You do not need to pay expensive marketing  agency fees to achieve your business goals.  At Fundi, we help connect you to independent marketing professionals.

Fundi is a South Africa based, marketing services marketplace connecting agencies and businesses with vetted freelancers specialising in marketing, web development & data sector.

How It Works

Understanding our easy-to-use service:

Send us a job spec: Tell us about your project. Fundi will connect you to our talent pool.

Get qualified proposals: Compare bids, reviews and prior work. Interview favourites and hire the best fit.

Hire the freelancer: Fundi will help facilitate the hire as well as help the freelancer develop a strategy.

Pricing: There is no recruitment fee between the business and Fundi. Fundi invoices freelancer based on work completed.

Skills on Offer

Performance Marketing

Marketing Automation Specialists

Generate leads, engagement and build brand awareness with our freelancers.

Find someone to grow strong relationships based on customer data. Unlock customer insights to grow  faster.


Data Analysts

Optimise your website content for the best possible search engine ranking.

Receive data analysis to drive effective decision-making with a skilled analyst.

Social Strategists

Designers & Copywriters

Employ a freelancer to create, execute, measure, and  refine intelligent social media marketing strategies.

Hire someone to plan, develop and manage your  online and offline content.

Full-time Permanent Work

Although we do not specialise in this, freelancers have been tempted to leave their pyjamas behind.

Full-time Contract Work

Expand your staff

with a dedicated team



Have a go-to team

with  specialised skills.

Short-term Tasks

Build a pool of diverse

experts for once-off


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