Layby solutions for online

and in-store retailers

Layby transactions have increased 300% from 2019. Maximize your sales with ENABLR's layby platform . ENABLR offers white label and SaaS layby payment platform options  that connect smart consumers with smart retailers, and can provide cash advances on the retailer’s layby book.

Is your business layby ready?


• Plugins for all major eCommerce platforms

• API documentation provided, including integration steps, for custom-built eCommerce platforms

• Transaction fees are subject to volumes


• With full POS integration or for parallel use to existing POS

• For the latter, simply register a merchant account on ENABLR's layby portal

• Once approved, the merchant can create laybys using the app on a web browser behind the in-store counter

• Layby transactions are created to completion in the app, and then transferred to the merchant's POS

• API documents are provided for merchants wishing to undertake a full POS integration

• Transaction fees are subject to volumes


• Simple setup allows retailers to begin trading immediately

• Easy configuration with internal procedures

• Automates payment and tracks all layby transactions in real-time

• Set unique trading layby terms

• Full CPA compliance

• Cash advances available for your entire layby book

• FREE setup and no monthly fees

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