Bright Future Consulting

Business and Personal Coaching for SMEs

To be in business can be lonely. We all have blind spots in our skill set and experience.

Where do you go to for a second opinion? Who can you trust?

Bright Future Consulting can be your trusted advisor and soundboard.

Bright Future Consulting fulfils the role as a Non-Executive Director in your business. Our philosophy is to transfer the required skills to the business owner and management team whilst we work with the owners and directors of the business. Our end-goal is to improve the state of the business by customised interventions. 

Leading Executive Business Advisor and Coachpreneur

Jannie Rossouw is the founder and owner of Bright Future Consulting.

The three decades he spent as financial services professional, with a focus on the financial planning needs and requirements of SME owners along with a B.Comm and MBA (University of Stellenbosch) prepared him to be an executive business advisor, business and personal coach.

He has a pragmatic approach to business, understanding that structure follows strategy and that an average plan well implemented will mostly trump an audacious plan poorly implemented.

He is a Specialist Generalist who operates at board level, but also having the ability to give structure to strategy and journey with people to ensure implementation.

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